It’s not enough for J.K. Rowling to say her characters are queer. Show it to us.
[The Washington Post, 18 March 2019]
J.K. Rowling never had to fight for her freedom to marry, and it shows.

"You're acting like a teenager!"
[The Washington Post, 06 July 2018]
In defense of the giddy summer fling

Facebook doesn’t care if you find love. It just wants you to spend more time on the site.
[The Washington Post, 02 May 2018]
Data as dowry

Can the Cocktail Industry Fix Its Sexual-Assault Problem?
[New York Magazine, 06 April 2017]
"Every day we're opening a new Pandora's box."

The miracle AIDS drug that people refuse to take
[The Washington Post, 29 January 2016]
Truvada and consequences

My own rape shows how much we get wrong about these attacks
[The Washington Post, 01 July 2014]
Rape contains multitudes

Sex and the H.I.V. Morning-After Pill
[The New York Times, 29 June 2013]
A scare, followed by other scares

Gay Life Is So Pedestrian Now That You Can't Even Film A Porn At A Sex Party
[The Awl, 01 April 2013]
An artist's plan falls limp

Industrial Porn and Magic
[Out, August 2010]
Michael Lucas is curdling

The Bromosexuals
[The New York Observer, 09 March 2010]
Dudes seeking dudes

Is Gay Just Another Word for Rapist?
[Out, December 2008/January 2009]
Trial and error at a gay Air Force captain's court martial

A Dating Service Gives a Nod to Jewish Gays
[The New York Times, 08 January 2006 ]
When two gay triangles like each other a whole lot, they make a Star of David

Women Raping Men
[Details, April 2004 ]
Rape often isn't seen as a crime when women do it

Sex on Campus
[Playboy, October 2003]
The magazine's first — and only? — gay male porn shout-out (with photo!)