Why didn't we get married? The question remains long after the relationship has ended.
[The Washington Post, 18 June 2018]
Love in the time of Joshing

Strangers on a Plane
[Rhapsody, December 2017]
Where silence has lease

I didn't know how much I loved my high school until they closed it
[The Washington Post, 08 June 2017]
The peak of good living

Lotus Operandi
[Rhapsody, March 2017]
From no yoga ever to 4.5 hours a day in Turks & Caicos

My dad taught me how not to be a dad
[The Washington Post, 19 June 2015]
A Fathers' Day lesson for the unfathered

Why I'm Still Not An American
[The Awl, 17 September 2012]
I like big brutes and I cannot lie

Memphis Imperfect
[The Memphis Commercial Appeal, 17 April 2011]
Twinkle, twinkle, little flaw

Seven Years as a Freelance Writer, or, How To Make Vitamin Soup
[The Awl, 02 August 2010]
The truth will set you free

[801 Magazine, May 2005]
Unrequited love doesn't have to be unfulfilling

Inside out: a gay perspective
[Technician, 10 January 2001]
Coming out in my college newspaper