Jibber-Jabber and Gibberish at Social Media Week New York
[Fortune, 03 March 2015]
Buzz is trending

Sure You Can Hack A Network. What About Your Fitness?
[Fortune, 03 August 2014]
The six abs of highly effective techies

The Practical Path to Driverless Cars
[The Atlantic, 01 April 2014]
A bumpy road to the iPhone of cars

Twinkle, Twinkle, Rising Star
[The Wall Street Journal, 15 November 2013]
Neil deGrasse Tyson's universal appeal

The (Robot) Creative Class
[New York, 17 June 2013]
Robo sapiens

Taken Your Medicine?
[The Economist, 15 April 2009]
A spoonful of cellphone helps the medicine go down

Beyond Carbon: Scientists Worry About Nitrogen’s Effects
[The New York Times, 02 September 2008]
Taking environmentalism to the Nth degree

Today, Countries Battle for a Piece of the Arctic. Tomorrow? The Moon
[Wired, December 2007]
All Your Moonbase Are Belong To Us

Remembering Yesterdays' Tomorrows
[August 2007]
Steampunk goes boom

What if Black Holes Didn't Exist?
[Seed, 21 July 2006]
A mental supernova

Dentists Prepare to Be on Front Line of Civil Defense 
[The New York Times, 02 August 2005]
Counterterrorist dentists learn to brush and floss, then duck and cover