What Happened When We Started a Feminism Club at Our Catholic Boys School
[New York Magazine, 27 February 2019]
"Isn’t that the point of education?"

The only voice in Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma” is Alfonso Cuarón’s
[The Washington Post, 21 December 2018]
Women deserve more than poetry and elegance

Artificial concern for people in pain won't stop suicide. Radical empathy might.
[The Washington Post, 15 June 2018]
Suicide is 250 percent more common than murder

Junot Díaz was an awful man. Who is he now?
[CNN, 08 May 2018]
Reckoning must give way to redemption, or else what good is it?

I read decades of Woody Allen's private notes. He's obsessed with teenage girls.
[The Washington Post, 04 January 2018]
Analyzing a 56-box archive of lechery

Your Sculpted Pecs Are Worthless
[Vice, 26 May 2016]
The problem of facade bod

Why 'Hamilton' Star Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Better Than Perfect
[Rolling Stone, 03 May 2016]
On unqualified success

In Brooklyn, Mozart for the Moby Crowd
[The Wall Street Journal, 03 June 2013]
It ain't over 'til the skinny jeans sing

'Bombshell' Doesn't Exist, but Its Songs are Real Hits
[The New York Times, 04 February 2013]
A surprise Smash hit

Due West: A Roundtable Discussion on New York's Ongoing Comedy Exodus
[Splitsider, 11 October 2011]
The land of fruits and nuts

Justin Timberlake Turns 30
[The Memphis Commercial Appeal, 30 January 2011]
Who does Justin Timberlake think he is?

The Capital Fellows
[Out, May 2010]
In D.C., they're painting the town pink

Who is the Legendary Fesh?
[Vulture, 26 March 2010]
Everybody is somebody sometime

The Birth of Slick
[ESPN The Magazine, 30 June 2008]
Blood, sweat and olive oil