From Britain's Digital Queen, a New Royal Warrant for Tech
[Fortune, 08 January 2015]
No thanks to William and Harry

Cable-less Elevators
[Fortune, 29 December 2014]
Going up — and left, and right, and diagonally

Big Fish
[Bloomberg Businessweek, 17 April 2014]
America's hottest sushi restaurant is brought to you by an Italian restaurateur from the Bronx

Pharmacy With Small-Town Feel, Even After 175 Years
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Thomas Edison, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Parker Posey walk in...

Meet Silicon Valley's Hardcore Recruiters
[Fortune, 06 February 2013]
The war on inefficiency

Giving Politics a Hack
[The Wall Street Journal, 21 January 2013]
City Hall 2.0

Greenpoint Luxe: Brooklyn Scruff Invades Bergdorfs
[The New York Observer, 08 January 2013]
Park Avenue Portlandia

The Dollar Slice is Back
[New York, 18 January 2010]
Bucking trends

A Treehouse in Peru
[National Geographic Traveler, 02 October 2009]
Jungle butlers, seriously

New York Incognito
[The New York Times, 24 June 2005]
Hollywood thinks Staten Island is perfect